nov 22 2015

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Why Detox

Why Detox

Today, body detoxification is getting to be more of a necessity rather than just a simple luxury practiced by royalty in the past. In normal conditions, the presence of toxic substances in the body stimulates our immune system to remove them.
However, with the bombardment and subsequent ingestion of so many toxins into our bodies today, our natural body processes are simply overwhelmed. There is a crucial need that we help ourselves fight these toxins or we die.


Waste eliminators

The body has specific organs to eliminate any toxins entering our bodies. The liver reduces toxins into compounds that the body can safely handle. These materials are then eliminated through the kidneys (urine), the skin (sweat), lungs (expelled air) and the bowels (excreta).
Excellent health is maintained if these organs are in good working conditions. However, there is now a need to help these organs do their work better and more efficiently in the light of today’s extreme pollution problems.
The two most popular methods are diets and the use of dietary supplements.


Eating good food, especially fruits and vegetables, is one of the best ways to combat the toxins in our systems. After all, these toxic wastes are inside and the only way to fight them is through internal means.
Natural vegetarian diets have the fibers needed to stimulate better digestive bowel movements. They have the vitamins and other enzymes that nourish the bowels.
These are regarded as cleansing diets in effect because they aid the body in expelling the wastes and toxins in the body.
Changing diets is, of course, one of the most difficult decisions for people who are used to the comforts of their foods and other habits. Some cannot simply let go of their cigarettes, their sodas, the meat, their coffee and the sugary delights they are used to. Would you like assistance? Check out: The Transform30 Challenge

Some foods may cause allergies and digestive problems. Meats, processed and grown as they are today, contain hormones and antibiotics which are difficult to digest or eliminate for humans.
Other processed foods and popular snacks have various preservatives that are hard on the system after accumulation through years of ingestion.


Well-known anti-oxidants (vitamins A, E, and C) are very good at helping the body eliminate toxins in the system. At the cell level, they neutralize free radicals (the main suspects in immune malfunctions and cancer) that damage cells and cause mutations.
At the same time, these anti-oxidants help the body repair itself from the ravages of the toxins. They are involved in wound healing, production of energy and combating viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses.
All told, the presence of body toxins in our systems is one very serious problem facing everyone today. Body detoxification is now a necessity, not a luxury.

Body detoxification is a normal process. It is simply one of our body’s most basic functions, eliminating wastes and toxins through our colons, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin.
Every day, our bodies need to eliminate wastes and toxins from our system or we die. Today, however, we are bombarded with toxins from all over that our bodies are overloaded with unwanted substances and some stay in our tissues
Normally, we produce natural metabolic wastes from normal body processes. It is compounded with other external toxic substances that come to us from all over, from the air, water, and the food we all ingest.

However, be careful with isolated and mostly synthetic supplements. These can often do more harm than good. For a supplement which is recommended particularly well by me, CLICK HERE

Flying-Fruits-WallpaperToxins and diseases

Health experts have already found the connections between these unwanted toxins in our bodies and today’s many illnesses.
These health problems include immune system diseases, neurological disorders, digestive troubles, hormonal imbalances, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, obesity and some of the newer health problems in children. Also read this about the “Children’s Health Study” and see how you can help your children with a healthy lifestyle!
For one, they found out that pesticides are the likely cause of immune suppression and around 25% of all the chemicals in the environment are neurotoxins linked to increased…brain disease.

Benefits of detoxification

As had been proven many times over, body detoxification dramatically increases the quality of our physical lives. Digestion improves, sinuses are cleared, blood pressures are normalized, memory and mental clarity are improved, and hormones are stabilized.
In addition, experts believe that there is a connection on the effectiveness of many healing treatments to improved and cleaner body systems.

Slow aging

One big benefit of a thorough body detoxification is the positive effects on the aging process. With the removal of toxins and wastes from the system, the body’s work load of natural detoxification is greatly reduced.
With toxins removed (and stress on body organs reduced), the life span of these individual organs (liver, bowels, kidneys) are lengthened.

Healthier bodies

With cleaner systems because of the absence of toxins, the body definitely is healthier, more fit, and has more energy. There are now fewer allergies (if at all), stronger immunity (not disturbed anymore by toxins) and fewer aches and pains (absence of general stress caused by toxic substances).
Studies had shown that detoxification therapies resulted in more vitality, reduced blood pressure and fat counts, and the immune system restored. There is also restoration of overall good health.

Lifestyle change

The best news is that detoxification can be done by a change of one’s lifestyle. It is easier if we eat natural organic diets (like what our ancestors did). We also need to cut down stress in our modern lives.

See how you can change your life in 30 days CLICK HERE 

The biggest benefit we get from body detoxification is a longer, more productive, happy life. We all owe ourselves that right.

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Onder Orthomoleculaire geneeskunde verstaan we een gezondheidszorgsysteem, waarbij lichaamseigen stoffen in optimale hoeveelheden worden benut, om zodoende de voorwaarden voor zelfgenezing te vergroten.

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Chelation therapy used to be a big thing for de-toxing some years ago. Is it still around? 


Probably the most important thing for me with a detox is having a plan in place before I start of what I will do AFTER the detox.  It does little to no good if you are going to go right back to eating the fast food and junk food and pre-packaged poison you were eating before the detox.  I like the article so much that I shared it in my FB group, "Sugar Free - How Sweet It Is!".  I am sure they will get some benefit from it.


For the past few years I detox over the month of February with a friend. With the both of us doing it together Kirsten finds that she can complete it knowing that I am holding her accountable. The same goes for me!

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This is why you need to regularly detoxify.

Try it for thirty days and you're convinced.